Vocational & Professional Training

Changing lives through professional & vocational skills

Providing skills and counselling to people who have experienced drop out, homelessness, long term unemployment and vulnerability to gain skills that will improve and enable them become economically independent citizens
We are committed to accountability and effectiveness in our programmes and training. We work diligently to secure opportunities for work experience

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News Letter

Community Engagement skills training charity method of engaging with the community has been to promote awareness, education, community cohesion and involvement through health awareness workshop and educational events, referring services users to relevant organizations for specialist advice and representational activities.

We recruit volunteers and facilitators with shared vision to equip them through training so that they could engage, educate and affect the community in a positive way. Through our evaluation mechanisms, we feed in the inputs, contributions and views of the engaged community into development of improved services.

Skills training charity has working partnership with a host of organization and a member of several forums and boards in and around the Borough of Lewisham. These include Lewisham Borough, Voluntary Sector Forum, BEN TV, Catalogue Interior D├ęcor, Skills Funding Agency, Small Charity Coalition and National Resources Centre for Supplementary Education, various Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) groups, DEA, Cultural Learning Alliance and Council of Ethnic Minority Voluntary Sector Organization, Disability groups and Mentally Challenging Organization.

Additionally Save the child campaign has consistently worked with schools in Lewisham Borough to promote vocational activities and community cohesion and involvement. Save the child campaign receives referrals from schools and parents to engage young people and families with difficult and challenging backgrounds