Vocational & Professional Training

Changing lives through professional & vocational skills

Providing skills and counselling to people who have experienced drop out, homelessness, long term unemployment and vulnerability to gain skills that will improve and enable them become economically independent citizens
We are committed to accountability and effectiveness in our programmes and training. We work diligently to secure opportunities for work experience

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Activities- Training

Welcome to our training page, our courses have been developed with an understanding that not all young people are able to follow the traditional school curriculum and a vocational pathway suitable for both KS3 & 4 are needed. All our courses encompass elements of life skills necessary for survival in our society and breaking through into a number of career areas. Food & nutrition and Citizenship are just a few to choose from and do not require any prior learning. All courses involve a variety of fun teaching methods including field outings, project work, role plays, practical demonstrations, group discussions and much more.

Our flexible training packages:

Taster days: this course is of interest to anyone wanting to learn more about interior design, media or hand sewing as a career or for having a fun day out.
Taster sessions are taught by professionals

St Academy

Programme Information: At ST Academy a variety of courses are available to meet the needs of the learner which is agreed at an initial interview. Time spent at the college will vary from course to course and is dependent on the point of entry for each pupil. Qualification - Subject; Awarding Body; Level:
The subjects available include:
Health and Social Care
Food & Nutrition
Performance Art - Music
Cultural History
Functional Skills, including ICT, Maths & English are run alongside the courses.
Number of Places: Variable

Profile of Learners:

Young people in KS3 and KS4 who are excluded, at risk of exclusion, on a modified timetable or where school cannot provide suitable provision for the needs of the learner.
Age Range - Min: 14
Age Range - Max: 19
Start Date: September
End Date: July
Day(s) and Time(s):
Monday to Friday 8.30am to 2.30pm
Cost:£85 per day

Our Philosophy: ST Academy recognise that the first vitally important step is ensuring that learners reengage once they have made mistakes in mainstream it to provide an alternative place where they can make a new start and are assured of a support in place that works closely with them and their parents/carers.
We believe and have proven that giving an alternative atmosphere of support and belief in pupil’s ability to achieve drives them to achieve. Target Groups:
Young people in KS3 and KS4 who are excluded, at risk of exclusion, on a modified timetable or where school cannot provide suitable provision for the needs of the learner.
Strengths and Specialism:
Provide a wider range of provision in vocational areas and excellent academic and pastoral support. In addition we have an excellent tracking system to manage learner progress and success. Our home school liaison officer meets with parents at home and provide an essential link between the home and school in support of our pupils.

Who we are/ staffing profile of key staff:

Headteacher Anne Downie B.Ed, M.Ed, PQSI
Deputy Headteacher Yvonne Edwards B.Ed
Adminstrator/Examination’s Officer Tonya Hepburn-Smith
Home School Liaison Officer - Vacancy
Behaviour Manager – Emmanuel Imure

Admissions and Referral Process:
Referrals from schools or LEA parents/carers or other professionals are welcome. An initial interview is then arranged with the learner, parents/carers, key worker or representative from the pupil’s school. This is followed by a curriculum meeting to discuss the appropriate course where learners may be required to sit a diagnostic test.

Facilities - Learning Environments: Our accomodation offers adequate facilities for hosting meetings with parents ad small group workshops Free School Meals Eligibility : Yes

Behaviour management: Our behaviour policy is displayed throughout the school and each young person as well as their parents are required to sign these befre starrting at ST Academy. Behaviour for learning is crucially important for individual success and we ensure that all our students understands this.

Progress reviews:

Progress reviews are completed every 6 weeks and sent to schools/LEA and key worker. Reporting to Students and Parents/Carers: Progress reviews are completed every 6 weeks/half term and sent to learners & parents/carers and any partner organizations who may have made the referral. Category: Alternative Education Provision