Vocational & Professional Training

Changing lives through professional & vocational skills

Providing skills and counselling to people who have experienced drop out, homelessness, long term unemployment and vulnerability to gain skills that will improve and enable them become economically independent citizens
We are committed to accountability and effectiveness in our programmes and training. We work diligently to secure opportunities for work experience

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Activities- Training

Welcome to our training page, our courses has been developed with a passion for interior decoration & handmade sewing, Media Training and counselling, the programmes do not require any prior learning. The units involve a variety of fun teaching methods including field outings, project work, role plays, practical demonstrations, group discussions and much more. We offer our course to agencies working with vulnerable people. Best of all, of our training is completely mobile; we take the training to you!

Our flexible training packages:

Taster days: this course is of interest to anyone wanting to learn more about interior design, media or hand sewing as a career or for having a fun day out.
Taster sessions are taught by professionals

Interior Design

An Introducing to basics in interior design; Psychology of colour and basic colour theory, space planning, lighting effects, design and furniture styles.
Workshops: we offer fun, informal workshops which cover tips and techniques to maintain your home. We can offer completely bespoke workshop packages so if you have some spare furniture laying around, or a room in your centre that needs some attention, get in touch, as we can help you beautify your space and items at low cost.

Six week courses: these courses are designed people who want to improve their home, build on their skills or interested in a career in interior design.

There are three units which offer three credits towards a Level Two, Interior Design Skills Award. In addition we offer a Level One Decorative Paint Effects course, this is locally recognised unit and credits cannot be transferred within the NOCN framework of courses.

An Award in Interior Design Skills – a three-month course taught by a professional Interior Designer, there are three units to complete. This course runs one session a week, lasting six hours each.

The units include:

Do you know someone who would like to start a new career or hobby in Interior Design?

Do you work for an agency that supports people who are long term unemployed or have experienced homelessness?

We can help, get in touch and we can start

professional Beautician Training

We offer a full range of beauty treatments, from Manicures to Pedicures, Waxing to Massages, in a friendly, personal and relaxed atmosphere. We offer first class training through our highly qualified and caring therapists, our training include a wide range of carefully created holistic therapies and beauty treatments guaranteed to relax and invigorate inside and out. Please feel free to get in touch or simply walk in for a chat...

Interior Design

Why Interior Design?
In the first quarter of 2011, 60,000 British households were living in temporary accommodation. 75% of these precarious lives are being lived in London. We work to support these people, those who've experienced homelessness, the long-term unemployed and vulnerable women.

Homelessness is an endlessly complex problem, and we’re going to need more than just bricks and mortar to combat its causes. ‘Daytime Homelessness’, research carried out by Crisis (2005), revealed that ‘almost all service providers and most service users believed that a lack of something to do was unhealthy and detrimental to people’s chances of moving on. It was also felt that the longer people were unoccupied and bored, the greater the likelihood that they would become drawn into what some respondents referred to as “hostel life” … and eventually becoming homeless again.’

One respondent hit the nail on the head: “People might go back [to the streets] because they can’t manage in a flat without furniture and no means to furnish it, or because they are placed in the worst housing miles away from anyone they know.” In everything we do we’re trying to help people to change their material circumstances, increase their employability by learning new skills, and boost their self-esteem by simply believing that they deserve a place to be proud of that they can call home.

Soft Furnishing

Creating Splendid Soft Furnishing and Interior SOFT FURNISHING DESIGN We use our own workroom to create beautiful cushions with trimmings, tablecloths, quilted or plain bedcovers and valances. Soft furnishing design is really important, as cushions are the icing on the cake, giving clients the opportunity to have some design input to create the wow factor in their home! There are so many trimmings available to really make soft furnishings stand out. 'Soft furnishing design ties your scheme together, using exciting fabrics and trims and decorations'